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2 1/2 Months Later Tenants are Still Waiting for Repairs to Their Apartment

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It's been nearly two and a half months since a fire broke out at the High Rise apartments near downtown Fargo. Water damaged several units after someone left a candle unattended. But as Valley News team's Eric Crest reports, tenants say the repairs are far from done and are more than just an eye sore.


It wasn't that long ago that sprinklers rained down to extinguish a fire at the High Rise in downtown Fargo. But today tenants are still dealing with the aftermath.


"I mean I don't want anyone to come over to my house to visit with my wall torn down. I mean that's embarrassing," says tenant Kathy Barry who had just moved in days before the water damaged her unit.


The most confusing part for Barry about the problems that came after the water damage occurred is that the fix up, or lack there of, is still underway.


"They would come in and out. They tore down some walls and then left it," says Barry. Crews worked on her place about five different times but job is far from done.


The Fargo Housing Authority says they can't fix anything until their insurance gives the green light. If they do, it's out of their pockets rather than being covered by insurance.


"Whoever it is that's supposed to be paying for the damages they need to get on it," says Barry who's more than just frustrated.


But on the same note tenants are feeling left in the dark after living like this for months.


"They leave notes for everything on our doors and throw them under our doors. But there has been no notes, about ok this job is gonna be done here soon, or we're working on it or something," adds Barry.


Barry has even resorted to sleeping in her living room, the drier of her two rooms, because she can't help but think about what's going on behind her wet walls.


"They marked some walls that were wet that had moisture in the wall. They marked them with tape and the tape is still up. With the moisture with mold growing I'm sure," says Barry.


Some of the major concerns about this drawn out two and a half month process of getting all of this fixed, isn't just health related concerns. But also privacy.


"You can see right into the neighbors apartment. Through a hole that they tore apart in the hallway," says Barry.


So as the waiting game continues for folks in the High Rise, tenants will have to hold tight and maybe even hold their breath for a bit longer.


"There's mold growing in my apartment," says Barry.


The Fargo Housing Authority told us today that just a few days ago they sent bids to their insurance company for the estimated 125,000 dollars-worth of repairs. They anticipate the work to start next week.


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