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What a Mobile Meth Lab Looks Like

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The local meth problem may be shrinking in size, but gaining in speed. Friday, another example of that popped up in the northern valley.
Two men, one from East Grand Forks, the other from Grand Forks stand charged with two felony counts of manufacturing meth. Investigators found a meth lab inside their car.
Police say there is a trend of these small mobile labs in cities up and down the valley. But would you know on if you saw one? Valley News Team's Hope Hanselman explains what you should be looking for.

Shed the glorified Hollywood lights of the "Breaking Bad" series and this meth-making business boils down to little more than a soda pop bottle and some cold medicine.
"You certainly don't want some bi-product of a lab laying by someone's driveway and have a child come up and grab it, and suffer a tragic accident," Sergeant Erik Zimmel with the Grand Forks Police Department said.
These days, the "cooking" rarely happens in the ratty RV in the middle of nowhere. More commonly, you're looking for a 20 ounce vile of chemical warfare lining our curbs and highways.
"The chemicals used in the manufactured methamphetamine can be quite volatile," Sgt. Zimmel said. "There have been people who have lost limbs, lost eyesight."
But, finding meth labs in any form is far less common over the last decade, since the feds began cracking down on the ingredients used to make it.
"You have to go to the pharmacist counter, you have to show ID, you're limited on the quantities you can buy and the tracking is much more accurate," he said.
The likelihood is small of stumbling across the red flags, which include propane, cake pans, lithium batteries, paint thinners, a heavy ammonia or chemical smell, or an unusual amount of empty bottles, containers or pill packets. But that's a reality that could just be right under your nose.
The West Fargo Police Department says its meth problem is "coming back," though not as strong as five years ago. They're working hard to put an end to it.


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