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In An Emergency Doing Something Is Better Than Nothing

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These images have been gaining national attention today, a Miami woman pulled over on the highway to save her 5-month-old nephew's life with CPR. Thankfully, she knew what to do. Much like the teachers at Fargo South High School did earlier this week when they performed CPR on a student that nearly drowned in the pool. Situations like these can be frightening, but doing something is better than doing nothing.

Sheryl McFarland, a CPR trainer with Fraser has had to perform CPR before on someone. "It's scary," she says, "You are looking at someone that's dying in front of you literally."

You can see the emotions that the Miami aunt was feeling after performing CPR to save her nephew's life, but many people who have been in a similar situation understand the fear.

"Am I going to do something wrong?" says McFarland, "There's that fear that maybe you do damage, well the reality is that if you don't do something. They are going to die.

But even if you have no idea what you are doing, Sean Coffman of the Red Cross says that shouldn't stop you.

"You could be the only thing between life and death until the first responders arrive on scene to provide expert care," says Coffman.

According to the American Heart Association getting CPR right away triples a victims chance of surviving.

"My own dad passed away from a heart attack, and someone had performed CPR on him trying to save him," says Patty Kalibabky, who is CPR certified.

But Red Cross says North Dakota is below the national average they estimate only 30% of people know how.

"If something ever happens to me I hope there is a good samaritan out there that just decides you know what I am going to help her out, I am going to take care of her," says McFarland, "I wish everyone was trained."

Training is as easy as downloading an app.

"CPR when you break it down is really two things," says Coffman, "Breathing and compressions, two really easy things you can do that can drastically improve someone's life."

Don't let fear stop you from trying to save someone's life. North Dakota has a Good Samaritan law. It protects you from being liable for injuries caused during CPR.

Last year legislation was passed in North Dakota that allows schools in the area to get back money they spend on teaching students CPR.

Red Cross First Aid App: http://www.redcross.org/mobile-apps/first-aid-app

Red Cross How To Do CPR: https://www.redcross.org/flash/brr/English-html/cardiac-arrest.asp

Fraser CPR Classes: http://www.fraserltd.org/cpr_firstaid

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