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Google Teaches Middle School Students to Be Safe Online

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Did you know that teenagers are 51% more likely than an adult to have their identity stolen online? Well, that's just one reason why Google representatives are visiting local middle schools in North Dakota. They're trying to share with kids what they shouldn't share online. Today Valley News team's Eric Crest fills you in on how you can protect your kids from the vast world of the internet.

At Ben Franklin Middle School in north Fargo Senator John Hoeven had the honors to kick off Google's internet safety presentation.

The reason everyone is here, besides skipping out on some class time, is to learn how to better protect yourself online.

"Here's my question. Now you all use the internet, how many of you use it safe?" Asks Senator Hoeven.

A Google representative showcased how much of our lives are tied to the internet and social media.

"Do you use the internet to share photos? Almost everyone is sharing photo's online," Jamie Hill a Google spokesperson shares with the crowd of 7th and 8th graders.

Hill is showing these youngsters and teachers how we all can better protect ourselves from the whole world knowing too much.

"Think before you share. Anything you share can be forwarded and copied and found. It can go a lot further than you wanted it to go," says Hill.

And sometimes you don't have to share anything to let the wrong crowd into your personal life.

"True or false. 15-percent of Americans have never checked their social networking settings?" Asks Hill.

"The answer is true unfortunately. Some people have never even looked at their settings and that's really dangerous," says Hill.

Especially for kids. Most of these middle school students don't have a line of credit yet which makes them appealing to the wrong people.

"Google and every other reputable company will never ask for your information and your password via email. So that's a good sign it might not be who it's coming from," explains Hill.

And it's not just kids that need to protect themselves from all the dangers online. You may need to do a Google search yourself.

"Really these tips are great for people of all ages about how to be smart and safe and secure online," says Hill.

If you want to see more of these tips to keep your child out of harms way on the internet, or just learn a thing or two yourself. We've included a link to Googles safety center at our website, valleynewslive.com. Just click on the hot button.

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