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If You Found $700 Would You Return It?

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  What would you do if you found 100, 300…. maybe even $700, and no one would be the wiser if you simply kept it?

  Abbey Machado went shopping at the Crookston Walmart on Sunday and found something unexpected in the parking lot.

Abbey Machado, Crookston: "We were putting the groceries in the car and came across an empty cart and in the cart there was a purse in there. I looked around and there was nobody there." 

  Machado looked at the ID in the purse, made a phone call and found the owner , who turned out to be Jennifer Elseth, an Illinois woman. Elseth has been staying in Crookston with relatives, helping care for her sick father-in-law.

  It turned out there was $700 in the purse.

Abbey Machado: "I didn't count it, but there was quite a bit. It was kind of spread out between the piles of gift cards and what not. But her ID was on top, so I didn't have to dig too far."

Reporter: "Did you think about just taking it?"

Machado: "No. It wasn't my money to take. She called up last night and said she was extremely, extremely thankful, grateful."

  Now, the purse's owner,  Jennifer Elseth declined to appear on camera today, because she's not feeling well. Jennifer is also dealing with other problems.

Abbey Machado: "She had been through some trouble herself. Two or 3 brain hemorrhages and starting back over with rehab, over and over again. So, she's feeling kind of blue about life right now."

  Without even realizing it, Abby provided a bright spot in Jennifer's life this week, during our long, cold winter.

Abbey Machado: "Yeah, I believe in Karma. Good and bad. If you do good to people, good comes back at you."

If whatever you want to call it comes true, it would seem Abbey Machado has some good things coming her way.

 Machado works as a nurse at the Grand Forks Air Base. This week, the City of Crookston gave her a certificate of appreciation.  

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