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North Dakota Oil Boom Comes To The Valley

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  It's estimated the North Dakota oil boom is dumping more than 30-billion dollars a year into the State's economy. And now, more and more of that money is pouring into the Valley.

  More and more companies, right here in the Valley, are discovering that you don't need an oil well in your backyard to make money from the oil boom.

  Pedigree Software out of Fargo developed a program to help schedule thousands of drivers, trucks and pieces of equipment in western North Dakota. Now, they're selling that software to other types of businesses all over the Country. And Bert's truck equipment of East Grand Forks has partnered with another company to convert trucks to run on natural gas in western North Dakota.

Greg Sunila, Knapheide: "We take this F-250 with a gas engine in it. We convert it to run on compressed natural gas and then we also put a utility body on the back for our customers to use."

  This conference is even sponsored by a new media company developed because of the oil boom. "The Bakken" magazine now has a staff of 40 people in Grand Forks.

John Nelson, The Bakken Magazine: "We started the magazine back in April of last year and it has grown every month and continues to grow as we get more subscribers."

  In fact, more than 100 companies around Greater Grand Forks are now doing business in the Bakken. Who knows? You may have the next big idea.

Luke Geiver, The Bakken Magazine: "Just because of the long tern nature of how long oil and gas production will last in North Dakota… there's an opportunity for companies looking to be in this long term."

  Oil companies that may want to partner up with your, next big idea.

   If you'd like to learn more about doing business with North Dakota oil companies and emerging technologies, you can get a free subscription to "The Bakken" magazine.




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