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Fargo Local Bikes In The Midwest Freeze

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Fargo Moorhead is on the road to becoming more "biker friendly" everyday. According to the City of Fargo the first F-M Metropolitan Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan was developed in 1995. Ever since then bike trails, lanes, and programs have been hitting the streets. They even go as far as plowing the snow from bike paths in the winter.

One Fargo man, Adam Heckathorn, rides his bike miles every day. Even when it's below zero, and snowing.

"I do hear all the time that people think it's like some arctic adventure, but it's not," says Adam.

For the fourth Fargo freeze in a row he peddles 5 miles to work. "This year there was one 50 degree below wind chilled day," he says, "And I went on that day just so I could brag about it. He is trading the heater in his truck for studded tires on his bike. "I am a 50 year old man," says Adam, "I am not just an average person." After his wife suffered a brain injury, he stayed home to care for her, packing on some pounds in the process. So he chose riding over driving year round. "This is one of the best things you can do for your heart," says Adam, "So the experts tell us, so hopefully I am going to stay healthy."

Soon to find out, biking in subzero temps is not as bad as he imagined. He says he has not been cold once. "And with this, and the goggles," says Adam, "All my skin is covered, everything, but not a whole lot of layer, you would assume I need all these thick layers, but I don't." All it takes is the right gear. "It's not as near a big of deal as you might think," says Adam.

While Adam slims down, his wallet seems to be getting fatter. "At one point when gas was around 4 dollars a gallon that was around a hundred dollar bill," says Adam, "So that's you know 80 to 100 dollar bill I don't spend, I put that in my bank account." Sharing his story in hopes a few may join in on his commute. "It's really a pleasant way to get to work," says Adam.

"I've come to know a lot of people, it's not like we go bowling or anything, but I talk to them on the way, and I can stop and talk, I feel like I am more a part of the community." Rain, or shine, snow, or storm. Adam is biking his way to show the community it's not as extreme as it sounds.

Bike Trails: http://files.cityoffargo.com/content/c9e18be8aa8598dbaf3e4b0feab3bcc236704e8a/Final%202013%20Bikeways%20Map%20-%20PDF%20version.pdf

Bike Safety: https://www.cityoffargo.com/CityInfo/Departments/Police/CitizenResources/BikeSafety/

Bike Lockers: https://www.cityoffargo.com/CityInfo/Downtown/Bicyclezoneandlockers/


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