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Packer The Dog Returned Home After Spending A Night In The Cold

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Packer the dog went missing yesterday afternoon from their home. The family feared the worst, considering last night's dangerous wind chills. But, this morning their fears turned to joy as their furry friend was returned home.

Tom Conmy is getting to know his new dog Packer after adopting him from service dogs of America in Western North Dakota.

"I think he's going to be of considerable help to me because I have Parkinson's," says Conmy, "And I am not sure yet because we have only had him for four days."

Parker didn't quite cut it as a service dog, he's too shy.

"Frankly I am not too sure when I got up this morning that I would ever see him again," says Conmy.

Wednesday afternoon Tom left the gate open, and packer darted down the street.

"And I ran after him," says Conmy, "But you can't catch this guy."

Tom gathered his family, friends, the mail man, and let people on social media know what happened.

"I could go on and on about how much help we had, but we didn't find it him last night," says Conmy.

About 18 hours later having spent the entire time outside, which at times, included double digit wind chills, cross country skiers found packer in Lindenwood Park.

"I'd got to thank them forever," says Conmy.

Packer was found sleeping in a bush. He has a micro-chip, which helped rescuers determine who he belonged to.

"Last night was a little warmer than normal, but it was still pretty bad, that's what I keep thinking about," says Conmy.

Jessica Nesius, a local vet, says packer is lucky he was only out for one night.

"If it's too cold for you, it's probably too cold for them," says Nesius.

Packer seems to fine showing no signs of hypothermia and frostbite, which are the biggest concern.

"He's a tough guy, he must be if he can be outside in this kind of weather," says Conmy.

Tom and his family will be keeping a close eye on packer. The vet says that sometimes frostbite doesn't show up right away. The most vulnerable areas on a dog are the tail, ears, the nose.

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