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Danger On The Ice

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Ice can be dangerous on your sidewalk, the roads, and on the lakes. When fishermen risk taking their trucks out on the lakes there's always the danger of it breaking through.

On Friday one truck broke though and became stuck on Pelican Lake. Tri-State Diving is a professional rescue diving team who help get cars, snowmobiles and boats out of the water.

"This is the funniest year we've had in a long time," Gary Thompson the owner of Tri-State Diving, "in the fact that we had real cold weather and it wasn't making any ice."

Every time a truck, ice house or person goes out on the lakes Gary worries about them going through the ice.

"A lot of times 10 people can drive that same road they plowed, the next guy goes through and he goes in." Gary says. "This time of the year they are going through ice ridges getting too close on a river channel which this one was."

Video of a truck shows a truck stuck on Pelican lake after it hit the wrong spot and went through the ice. Ben Shane got video while the Tri-State Diving crew got it out. It's a site Ben hadn't seen on Pelican Lake

"That was the first one I'd come across." Ben says. "I'd heard it from a neighbor, so I went down and checked it out and it was unreal, and it's a spot we drive through with the boats all summer so it's only four feet deep."

The shallow water helped divers get the truck out, but it's not an easy task even for Gary who's been doing it since the 70's.

"The biggest thing is getting it lined up on the extractors so we don't get them hooked up underneath on bolts," Gary says, "there was a chunk of ice that got hung up underneath there so we got out special chisels we got and we broke that out."

Gary can add that truck to his hundreds he's helped rescue, but he says drivers need to be careful so he doesn't have to go in after them.

"Everyone we've had, over all the years we've done them everybody's gotten out alive, which is the biggest thing and that's my biggest concern."

Tri-State diving also helps retrieve smaller items like snowmobiles and ATV's, or even lost jewelry. To contact them call 218-847-4868.
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