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You Better be Ready for the Bus in Grand Forks... Or You Could Get Left Behind

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With a wind chill of negative 40 degrees this morning in Grand Forks, it's a cold wait for the school bus. Especially if that bus doesn't wait for you. One concerned parent called our whistleblower hotline saying she doesn't want to send her children outside to brave the elements for long. But as Valley News team's Eric Crest explains, in Grand Forks, if you're not outside waiting for the bus, you might get passed by.

Getting ready for school, brushing the sleep out your eyes, and getting that first meal of the day, is business as usual for this Grand Forks family. But when it comes time to catch the bus, Sarah Gensburger says, that's where the headache begins.

"We'll go down there from 7:15 and 7:20 and the bus will arrive right between that time normally. But there's been times where we'll be waiting until 7:45 for the bus to arrive," says Gensburger who has two children in the Grand Forks public school district.

Gensburger isn't comfortable sending her girls outside to wait for the bus when it's this cold.

"There not gonna be out there cause it's too cold," says Gensburger.

But if her children are waiting indoors and not visible she says sometimes they don't get picked up.

"Being outside in the elements... I mean even as an adult I'm not immune to the elements and it's very cold outside. I can't imagine what it would be like as an 8 or 14 year old child to be outside waiting 20 minutes for a bus," Gensburger explains.

But the manager of Dietrich Bus Services who's responsible for Grand Forks public schools pick up's says it doesn't happen very often. And when and if it does, he's not faulting his drivers.

"If you're gonna be in an entry way or inside a garage you really need to watch out for that bus and if you see it coming that's when you need to get outside," says John Neal the manager of Dietrich Bus Services.

His drivers won't wait long before heading to the next stop. Because as Neal explains, they have to stay on schedule.

"We may turn a bus around for a missed kid but that will make the rest of the route late and then I get more calls. So we don't like to do that. Unless the bus is really close... but it's happened," says Neal.

While Neal admits his buses have been late up to 15 minutes he in the past. Gensburger says she'll play the waiting game with her kids from the warmth of the indoors.

"Well if they're not out there they will not get picked up," Gensburger says.

The manager of Dietrich Bus Services says while you don't have to be waiting outside for the school bus to pick you up. You should be ready when they pull in. If the driver doesn't see any kids around they might not even put the vehicle in park for 15 seconds before heading to the next stop. So bundle up and be ready.

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