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Sure it's Cold... But the Real Story is the Travel Conditions

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It felt like negative 30 out there today. With the wind picking up and the temperatures falling, many school districts decided school could wait. Because of the roads and poor visibility, many districts canceled or delayed classes. Many of us however, didn't have the luxury of avoiding travel today.

Today we discovered that on a day like today it's a lot tougher than just willing it so, to make it out of town. At the Hector International Airport the lines started backing up as folks tried to leave North Dakota.

"We woke up at about 5 o'clock this morning, all really excited. Just to get out of this weather, kind of excited," says Brenda Dellaneva who has vacation planned with her family.

But vacation for many like the Dellaneva's who planned on leaving for Hawaii this morning, just wasn't in the forecast.

"They said your flight has been canceled," says Dellaneva.

"Well certainly mother nature is causing some weather delays here today," explains Shawn Dobberstein of the Municipal Airport Authority.

A handful of flights were canceled on the account of low visibility at Hector International Airport. These aircraft need to be able to see a half of a mile just to land. And as the winds ripped down the runway that just wasn't happening.

"Visibility today, you know the blowing snow limits visibility, and of course in the safety of passengers and the crew certainly the airlines will take that pre caution with the guidelines set by the FAA," says Dobberstein.

But it wasn't just the skies where you'll find difficulty traveling. Even within city limits, it was hard to see if you were still on the road.

"We've had a number of vehicles that have slid off the road that lost sight of the highways and found themselves in the ditches and medians," says Minnesota State Patrol Sergeant Jesse Grabow.

Grabow says he watched as this winter weather went from bad to worse to straight up ugly.

"We've still got a lot of winter left, but this is probably one of the worst I've seen as far as visibility goes," says Sgt. Grabow.

So as you make your evening commute or maybe opt to stay indoors instead. Just don't give up the hope, not yet, that eventually we can leave all of this weather behind us.

"We will get to Hawaii... we will! Hahahah," says Dellaneva optimistically.

If you're not lucky enough to go to Hawaii tonight, but still plan on hitting the roads keep your distance from other vehicles. It's slick out there. Even if you're driving in the daytime lights and even hazard lights make a huge difference when your out commuting in these white out conditions.

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