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ND Has More New Millionaires than the Rest of the US Claims a New Study

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North Dakota topped another list this month, as the fastest growing state in the country for millionaires! The news comes out as North Dakota's population continues to grow and as more are banking on the state's success. Valley News team's Eric Crest finds out what this most recent bit of wealth means across the state.

More millionaires are calling North Dakota home and at a faster rate than anywhere else in country according to a study by Phoenix Marketing International. While it surprises some that North Dakotans are doing so well, it doesn't surprise everyone.

"It's not any surprise to me. Obviously North Dakota the entire state, but especially locally in Fargo, Moorhead and the West Fargo area. The economy is thriving," says Craig Whitney The Fargo, West Fargo, and Moorhead Chamber President.

While it's hard to pin point what a North Dakotan millionaire looks like. Maybe an easier way is to ask someone who deals with high end clients from right in our backyard.

"I am a matchmaker and we've been in business now for five years," says April Davis of Cupid's Cronies based out of Minneapolis.

Finding someone who's the right fit for you is April Davis' business at Cupid's Cronies match makers' service.

"The majority of my clients are millionaires or billionaires," says Davis.

They tell us they can find you the right person, but it will cost you.

"We start at a price point of over five thousand dollars to conduct a search. So if people are interested in our type of service they have to have a bit of a bank account," explains Davis.

Now here's the surprising part. Business for Cupid's Cronies has been picking up. In part thanks to North Dakotans with deeper pockets.

"Definitely we've seen a surge in inquiries and in clients coming from the North Dakota region," says Davis.

So as North Dakota tops a list of new millionaires within the state, per capita. It might result in more people marrying for all the wrong reasons, and it just might mean, more people are looking in new places for that perfect match.

"They want people that can travel and can afford to travel. So it's not so much I want a millionaire. They want somebody that is stable and can contribute financially," says Davis.

"First of all congratulations to all the millionaires. But I think what it says about the region is this is a great place to do business," adds Whitney.

According to that new study nearly one in 20 US households now have more than one million in investable assets. So you probably know more millionaires than you think.

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