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It's So Windy Outside You can Fly a Kite... Or at Least Try!

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Cold doesn't really describe it when the winds blow in excess of 50 miles per hour. You better have your skin covered if you're outdoors for any duration of time! But some people may be more accustomed to the cold than others, like those of us who have always lived in the Midwest. Today Valley News team's Eric Crest took things literally, when we told him to go fly a kite.

Dozens of schools were canceled today, the wind created white out conditions, and no travel was advised down I-29 from Canada all the way to South Dakota. But we're tough up here in the north. We've dealt with blowing snow before and we know what to do when it gets bad out there. We go sledding. Even if we don't know why.

"Still not sure... It's pretty cold out. Schools canceled and we had nothing better to do," says Gage Brooks of Fargo who took to Dike East in downtown Fargo for some sledding with buddies.

"My face is freezing but it's worth it," adds his buddy Ethan Sheafer who accompanied him on this brutal day.

We also listen to the experts, most of the time. And slow down on the roads because it's hard to tell what you're driving on top of.

"It is really windy and coming from Moorhead I had to take the bridge over the river a little slow because I saw the cars in front of me fish tailing," says Shelly Macowald of Moorhead.

But sometimes folks from the Midwest, know exactly what to do in this weather.

"I stay home and play games. What do you do?" Asked Emir Kurki of West Fargo. My response surprised most people. "I think I'm gonna go fly a kite."

"Let's go! We can. Look the sun came out right there for a minute. We could fly in the sun today," jokes Macowald who never came with despite the enthusiasm.

So with a road travel advisory in place across the state of North Dakota I decided to take to the skies. It might be cold, but you can still have fun in this weather. Or at the least try to have fun. I managed to rip through not one but two kites today. Likely the greatest distance my kite managed to fly up into the air was about 10 feet. Hard to call it a real accomplishment. But for all the others who managed to get outside in this ridiculous wind on Thursday. There's something to be said about embracing it, because we can.

"I think every North Dakotan hates this weather, but we strive for it," says Brooks who made it down on his sled with buddies just a couple times before calling it quits.

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