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Large Fargo Family In Need Of Help For Medical Expenses

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The Brownlee family is from Fargo, and they have been dealing with mounting medical bills for quite some time, but recently someone heard their story, and arranged a way for you to send a little love.

The Brownlee family may be the biggest family on the block. Jamie Calloway, the mother of the family, says they are very busy. "When you think of a big family, you think happy big family, you know great, I want to have 10 kids," Calloway says, "Or you know but it is a job and a half, if not more."

The family includes; mom and dad, Jared, Eleanor, Nicole, Justice, McKenzie, and TJ. They also have two dogs.

More recently life has taken a turn for the worse. "I never expected it to be this much," Calloway explains, "I knew it was going to be a lot to take care of."

McKenzie, a one year old toddler has been diagnosed with laryngomalacia. Which, is a floppy larynx that causes an obstruction to the airway. She has to be fed though this feeding tube.

McKenzie's grandma, Jewel Brownlee, helps out the family a lot. "We're lucky she's alive," Brownlee says, "And we are fighting to keep her that way." Even with grandma's help daily life and still be a struggle.

"Pretty busy around here actually, with McKenzie and her feedings going off at different times, sometimes we will get settled down as a family, and ready to eat, and next thing you know it, her feedings will go off."

Eleanor Poitra, McKenzie's sister is 15, and she's juggling school, cheer team, and helping her family.

"There is that moment I'll be thinking about her at school," Poitra says, "I always have her on my mind thinking is she going to be okay."

A big doctor's appointment is coming up for McKenzie at the Mayo Clinic, and mom's going to be away for at least a week.

"The trip to mayo is going to be quite spendy, Calloway says, "And without either one of us working right now and hardly any income it's stressful that way."

Recently someone heard the Brownlee family's story and has set up a benefit.

"I think it's great, they need it," Brownlee says, "I mean gee-whiz, it takes a lot to raise all the kids."

If you want to support the family there is two ways. The benefit will be on January 18th from 1-5 p.m. It will take place at the El Zagal Shrine, 1429 3rd St N, Fargo.

You can also donate money to the McKinzie Brownlee Benefit at any Bell State Bank and Trust or Bremer Bank. 

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