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Is There Really a Shortage of Velveeta? Check out this Cheesy Story.

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  • Is There Really a Shortage of Velveeta? Check out this Cheesy Story.More>>

  • Possible Velveeta shortage looms

    Possible Velveeta shortage looms

    Bad news sports fans: Some store shelves are running low on Velveeta, right during a prime season for the popular processed cheese, according to a company spokeswoman. Some consumers may be unable to
    Some consumers may be unable to find Velveeta products in the next couple of weeks, Kraft Foods Group spokeswoman Jody Moore said by e-mail Tuesday.

Now for the cheesiest story you'll hear all day! Velveeta, the golden cheese product, is apparently experiencing a shortage. And just in time for the biggest nacho day of the year, the Super Bowl. Valley News team's Eric Crest dips right into the cheese to find out if something about this news, tastes a little funny.

At a local Fargo grocery store there's no shortage of Velveeta. But go to the east coast and apparently there is. So with the Super Bowl right around the corner it got us wondering, is this a marketing ploy? Or is Kraft actually running out of the orange stuff.

"There's a huge risk with customer loyalty and brand integrity if you do something like this. So it's not recommended to do at all. But it's very difficult to determine if that's the case or not," says marketing strategist Eric Piela of Flint Communications in Fargo.

Piela says if Kraft is trying to convince the public to get your Velveeta now, there doing a good job.

"What can happen is there is this perceived urgency and people will go out there. They'll want to get it before it's gone," says Piela.

But Kraft has already stated this isn't a ploy. They've sold a lot of Velveeta lately and claim this is the busy time of the year for them. They add that it could be hard to get Velveeta in the next couple of weeks.

"Is that strategic? Is it purposeful? Or is that just a supply demand issue? Big question mark around that, a lot of speculation," adds Piela.

So as Velveeta fans out there swoop up the cheese like product. The rest of us are left wondering whether this a real shortage.

"Maybe a coincidence maybe not. I'm not one to speculate on that. But for the better or for the worse, they're getting great brand awareness and media attention," says Piela.

So if Velveeta is experiencing a shortage or not. I don't think your Super Bowl plans or plans for nachos are ruined. Turns out there's another nacho topping on the market. It's known as cheese.

All the major grocery stores we contacted including Sun-mart, Hornbachers, and Cash Wise told us today they have plenty of Velveeta on their shelves. At least right now.

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