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Preventing Frozen Pipes

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Enduring day after day of below zero temperatures takes its toll on just about every one and every thing.  This kind of weather can also wreak havoc on your home, and we've been hearing about pipes freezing and bursting in the valley. Plumber Jeff Kummeth with Jeff's Plumbing says the problem off starts in the homes foundation.

Jeff Kummeth/Jeff's Plumbing, "If the foundation has any cracks in it, and the water lines run by the outside wall, with the cold wind chills we have, it tends to drive the cold air through the cracks and freeze the water pipes in the house then."

Kummeth says it's important to check for and seal any cracks in the foundation and insulate pipes on outside walls. Quick fixes can be as simple as opening cabinets to let warm air flow in and reach the walls and letting the faucet drip to keep the water flowing.

Jeff Kummeth/Jeff's Plumbing, "Sometimes a kitchen drain can freeze on you because, a lot of times, the kitchen is on the outside wall. And if you have a kitchen drain that's partially plugged, it can hold a little water, and that can freeze on you."

If your faucet stop running or drips slowly, your may have a frozen pipe. Kummeth says a simple hair dryer can help gradually unfreeze exposed pipes. If that doesn't work, a call to your plumber may be in order.

One more piece of advice:  Make sure everyone in your household knows where the main water shut off valve is and operate it. If a pipe bursts, shutting off you water is your first step, and the sooner, the better.

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