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Wahpeton School District Decides to Brave the Weather

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Schools across the valley, including all of Minnesota, took the day off because of the extreme cold. But in Wahpeton it was school as usual. After several complaints from parents Valley News team's Eric Crest visited with district superintendent and a parent who kept her kids home.

It was tough decision for this superintendent to make. Just across the border the whole state of Minnesota decided school could wait as this cold set in.

"If Minnesota would not have made the call I don't think we'd have very many schools not be in session today. I think that put the pressure on us," says Wahpeton's Superintendent.

The pressure was on. With Minnesota's governor pulling the no school trigger on Friday, Rick Jacobson the superintendent of Wahpeton schools was still trying to decide if school was a go Monday morning.

"So this morning at five o'clock it was 24 below on the weather channel and it looked like 11 mile per hour winds. Which computed to 46-47 below," says Jacobson.

Jacobson says if it would have gotten to 60 - 70 below with the wind chill as it was predicted to be in some places, school would have been canceled. But some parents say it was plenty cold today and there was no need to send there kids to school.

"My 12 year old has to walk two blocks to a bus stop and then wait outside 5-10 minutes depending on when the bus gets there," says Joey Taylor, one of many parents who decided their kids didn't need to brave this weather.

Taylor has two children going to school in Wahpeton and kept them home today. She like many parents felt it was just too cold to send there kids out.

"I listen to what my husband says and if he says it's too cold out there... he works construction.... he knows what cold is. Then I'm not sending my kids out if he thinks it's too cold," adds Taylor.

So as kids in Wahpeton avoided using a snow day, superintendent Jacobson says he thinks he made the right call.

"I would have a hard time in good conscious saying we are we not having school when I know we've had school 2-3 days this year when it's been colder than this," says Jacobson.

The superintendent said students will not be marked absent, if they didn't come to school today. He added that this was one of the hardest decisions he's had to make as a superintendent and that he likely will have to make another tough one tomorrow morning.

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