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Dangerous Cold Strikes the Valley

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Dangerous cold temperatures are sweeping across the country. Fargo saw a morning temperature of -22, certainly a cold wake-up call but nowhere near record breaking.

The coldest day in Fargo was actually set back on January 8, 1887, where -48 was recorded as the low. However, -22 is still dangerously cold, factor in the wind chills on top of it and it'll feel like -50 to -70 outside.

Frost bite can set in within a matter of minutes, under 5 minutes on exposed skin in these temperatures. The Center for Disease Control warns you to look out for the following warning signs:

  • A white or grayish-yellow skin area
  • Skin that feels unusually firm or waxy
  • Numbness

If you do experience any of these symptoms or notice someone experiencing them the CDC recommends the following:

  • Get into a warm room as soon as possible.
  • Unless absolutely necessary, don't walk on frostbitten feet or toes—this increases the damage.
  • Immerse the affected area in warm—not hot—water (the temperature should be comfortable to the touch for unaffected parts of the body).
  • Or, warm the affected area using body heat. For example, the heat of an armpit can be used to warm frostbitten fingers.
  • Don't rub the frostbitten area with snow or massage it at all. This can cause more damage.
  • Don't use a heating pad, heat lamp, or the heat of a stove, fireplace, or radiator for warming. Affected areas are numb and can be easily burned.
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