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Putting Fargo's Cold Weather Into Perspective

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The temperatures outside are life threatening, and to put them into perspective it hasn't been this cold in years.

Gary Brandon- Lives In Fargo: "It is freezing cold; I mean it's no fun to be out in this." Downtown today is quiet, you won't see many people walking around, and at the mall people are dashing to get into the heat.

Our weather department has been busy all day, these freezing temps and strong winds sweeping the valley are more serious than you might imagine.

Hutch Johnson- Valley News Team's Chief Meteorologist: "Right now temperatures in Alaska are milder than they are here in the valley, this air mass we are dealing with here is diving right out of central Canada, where we have 20 to near 30's below zero, and hey, we have dealt with temperatures of 9 or eight below, before but when we take these temperatures and combine that factor with the winds, which have been breezy out of the north west from 15 to 25 miles per hour, we get life threatening wind chills that reach that 15 below zero category."

So if it's this cold, you might be asking yourself the question, why do people even live here?

One man we saw walking outside in the cold is here from Spain on vacation. He has no idea why people would live here. Traveler: "It's very nice here, but cold weather you can't enjoy outside, you always have to hangout inside."

He's impressed that his friends can live here. Traveler: "Cause they are already were here before, that's what they are used to, like they already live like that."

Gary Brandon embraces the weather. Brandon: "Oh yeah, I wouldn't move." Because he loves Fargo. Brandon: "I have a lot of family up here, that's one of the reasons, but just the people up here, I think they are nicer than a lot of the other places in the united states."

Many chose not to go outside today, but in Fargo it's not the temperature warming people's homes. For us living in cold temps it's a real possibility of finding yourself stranded.

In life threatening conditions like these it can take less than 5 minutes for frost bite to set in. Just having a blanket in your car is not going to cut it. You are going to want to have things that produce heat, like candles, matches, and a heat pack. It's a smart idea to keep a safety kit in your car at all times

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