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Zoo Is Preparing For Extreme Weather

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Let's face it, in temperatures like this your nose gets a little chilly, but here at the Red River Zoo, the camels have a secret.

Lisa Tate- Red River Valley Zoo Director: "Their nostrils are specially designed to keep the sand from the Gobi dessert out in the summer and keep the air passages warm in the winter."

Most of the animals at this zoo are cold climate species. Tate: "That means that they come from places that have temperatures and weather similar to Fargo, however, this is really unseasonably cold, it's just the extreme weather we are expecting we want to make sure our animals, we have taken all the precautions so all our animals are safe."

The zoo staff have their hands full getting generators moving animals from one building to another, and creating a plan. Tate: "50 below, that's pretty extreme."

These outdoor animals have shelters where they can take refuge. At night keepers close the doors to keep them warm and out of the wind. Tate: "Our main concern here is in the event of a power outage, we do have some animals that are not cold climate species.

These white faced saki monkeys live in 70 degree weather and if temps drop below 40 degrees they're in trouble, but handlers are ready to act fast. Tate: "We also have a disaster preparedness plan that we always have in place, so we refresh out staff on that plan."

Preparing for the worst, but hoping for the best. At a moment's notice they are ready to move the animals where they need to be.

For all you pet owners at home, Lisa also says it's not acceptable to keep your animals outside in this weather, even if they usually sleep outside. It's "far" too cold bring them inside!

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