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Poor Weather Causes Many Traffic Accidents

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Increasingly icy roads, freezing rain, and gusting winds contributed to several accidents in the valley today, keeping the our emergency crews on their numbed toes.

The Fargo Fire Department, F-M Ambulance and North Dakota State Patrol all responded to an accident at I-29 and 19th Avenue North this morning.

It all started with a semi carrying a wind-turbine blade that did exactly its job: catch the wind.

"We had a multi-vehicle accident. Three vehicles involved here and one semi up there that kind of jack-knifed in the road," said Fargo Fire Department Captain Eric Eisenlohr.

But that combined with black ice led the semi to side-swipe a pick up truck. The driver says he rolled three times before coming to rest and leaving a mess behind them too.

"There were some vehicles that we caught up on and the vehicle behind us, she bounced off the semi-truck, I think," says Bruce Leppky, who was driving a van involved in the accident.

"We are seeing a significant number of crashes, rollovers. Fortunately at this point, nothing too serious as far as injuries and that type of thing," says Minnesota State Patrol PIO Sgt. Jesse Grabow.

The man in the pick-up truck was transported by ambulance away from the scene. Valley News Live has spoken to his wife who says he's home now.

 The Minnesota State Patrol says to make sure that if you have to leave, have some extra time and drive slow in these kinds of driving conditions when winds are gusting and roads are slippery. Don't use your cruise control just in case you lose control. Drivers should also keep their headlights on, not necessarily so they can see, but so the vehicle is seen by others. Even if you do these things, the Minnesota State Patrol says living in the valley's winter, you need to be prepared.

"Making sure you have your winter travel survival kits and again, have that extra warm clothing in the vehicle, that extra blanket, all that type of thing. Make sure you've got a full tank of gas. Me, I never let mine get below a half a tank during the winter. And of course, keep that cell phone along and make sure you have a cell phone charger, too," says Grabow.

Authorities say if you are in an accident, it's important to evaluate the safety of the location of you and your vehicle. Move the vehicle to a safe location if you can and if you can't and you're afraid you might get hit again, it might be best to get out and find a safe place. Every accident has to be individually 

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