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Two Fargo Kindergartners Left On School Bus

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A bus driver is suspended after failing to check a school bus leaving two kindergartners in the Valley Bus parking lot. Both boys were safely returned to school late. Valley News Teams Kristi Larson talked with one mother about the incident and the schools late apologies.

"It's been my biggest fear all year, is making sure that he gets to where he needs to go because I have to be at work, I can't be at every bus stop." says Christie Wisk.

Her 5 year old son Cade sits happy playing with toys, but the situation yesterday is still fresh in his mind.

"I went to bed really early, I woke up on the bus, I knocked on the window." Cade smiles.

He fell asleep on the bus, and woke up in the parking lot of Valley Bus. No one noticed him until another bus pulled in and saw him pounding on the window. It's a picture that keeps playing through Christies head.

"His head up against that window looking for help." she says shaking her head.

An employee brought him to school, but Christie wasn't contacted until three in the afternoon, after school was out.

"They told me that encase he talked about it tonight that they wanted me to know that he didn't get off the bus at school, that he'd fallen asleep." Christie says.

Scary situation when nearly an hour after Cade was found another 5 year old boy was found on the same bus after a driver failed to do a complete check. Christie says she couldn't believe they hadn't checked at school let alone after her son was discovered on the bus.

Valley Bus General Manager of Operations John McLaughlin says they were just surprised to find one child, and excited to get him back to school.

"We're going to use this as a training tool, with all of our drivers to reassure everybody that this is a procedure that they need to follow." McLaughlin says.

The second kindergartener was brought back to school on the bus. His parents were called when the teacher was taking attendance and noticed he was missing. 

Fargo Public School District says because Cade's class had a substitute teacher they didn't know he was missing until he was brought back to his school.

Christie is just happy to have her son home safe, and is glad the school is already trying taking action from this mistake.

"They were very apologetic for not calling me," Christie says with a slight smile, "so they've put some policy in place to even if the child shows up at school, they're still going to let the parent know of the incident right away instead of waiting all day long."

Valley Bus officials say they're thinking of adding a new policy to have a second person walk through the busses when they arrive back in the lot.

A Valley Bus employee had brought Cade back to school in her personal vehicle, in the front without a car seat. Fargo Public School District says they have filed a mandatory report to Social Services because of the incident.
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