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4-7-3 Area Code Call Scheme May Cost You

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A new phone scam is getting people's money from simply answering a call. For most phone scams you have to dish out some information, like a credit card number or check routing number, so schemers can access your accounts. But the newest trick of the trade requires none of that. Valley News team's Eric Crest tells us about the latest fraud that's sweeping the valley.

Cell phones make our lives ohhh so much easier. For many their business relies on the phone calls consistently coming through.

"I get phone calls from all fifty states on a regular basis with large retailers and different businesses," says Travis Voegele a commercial real estate property developer out of Fargo.

But when you have to pick up every last call, or return every one that you miss regardless of where it's coming from you better know who you're dealing with.

"So I called it back thinking this could be my next big real estate deal and when I answered the call it was quite different," explains Voegele.

The phone call is being made to people across the valley. All of the calls have the area code 4-7-3. But while you might be inclined to pick up every call you get, this one comes with a price. And what you hear on the other end might be more than you bargained for.

"The phone call in nature when you call it back, there's some explicit sounds that were going on in the background," says Voegele who was glad his daughter didn't pick up the call.

The Better Business Bureau says the adult entertainment calls are coming from Grenada. If you answer them it could cost you $19.95. If you call them back it could be even more than that. So tell everyone you know about the 4-7-3 numbers now.

"After talking about it and putting it on Facebook I found that several people had that phone call. I would guess 40-50 people that I know personally had that phone call," says Voegele.

If you've already answered the call, or called it back, now might be the time to call your cell phone provider.

"They went through and they blocked the number for me and said you won't get any phone calls from this area code again," says Voegele.

This scam is not new. Reports of explicit calls coming from the 4-7-3 area code have been reported as far back as 2002. Recently Utah warned locals about very similar calls coming from that area code as well.

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