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Keeping Your New Year Resolution

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2013 is on its way out, bringing in the new year and a new you. It's the time of year when millions start making those new year resolutions such as losing weight, quitting smoking or saving more money.

Valley News Live Web Manager Dave Spofford is one of those who set and achieved his goal of losing weight.

"I started at 302 in March and now I'm 202," says Spofford.   

He works full-time and has another part-time job. He says his busy schedule led him to eating by convenience.

"I work two jobs, so I was eating fast food at least twice a day, drinking easily 6-8 cans of pop in a day," says Spofford.

But two letters from Sanford Health in Fargo changed all of that.

"One of them telling me that my cholesterol was 255 and the second one was confirming that I was a type two diabetic," he says.

With a family history of death from heart disease and a family of his own, Spofford hasn't had a fast food meal since March and put his soda consumption down the drain.

"And I went from doing no exercising to walking a half hour every day. In the winter time here we have a treadmill, so it's easy to watch TV and walk for a half hour," he says.

Experts at Sanford Health say any goal, including a new year resolution, is going to be more easily attained if you look at one small goal at a time.

"Saying that I want to come in and exercise three days a week is probably going to have more success than saying I want to lose 30 pounds," says Sanford Health Strength and Conditioning Specialist Kendall Railing.

Experts also say that any regimen is going to be easier to stick to if you enjoy what you're doing. 

"Don't set yourself up to fail. Do something that you like and you can do and keep at it. I knew for me, going to a gym, I just don't have the time with two jobs," says Spofford.

So Spofford brought his workouts home on his schedule and built on his small goals a bit at a time. 

"Make it a half an hour and if you can do that every day and it's easy and it's not something that you're dreading start inching it up," says Spofford.

Sanford Health experts say smaller goals mean you will achieve more often and that will keep you motivated on the way to your long-term goal. Working with a professional or a friend can make working toward your goal more fun and help hold you accountable. They also say working your resolution into your schedule and planning to work on it will help you stay on track.


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