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Some Holiday Trips Just Got Longer Due To Roads

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It's back from grandmothers house we go, whether you are traveling by car, by bus, or even by train these travel conditions are not ideal.

Traveler: "There were a couple of whiteouts that we passed coming from Fargo, they only lasted for about a minute an then we were okay." The biggest problem you are going to have out here is the visibility.

And that's why many travelers stopped at this visitor center in Hillsboro, ND, to take a break.

Traveler: "We thought we would get home before it hit, but that's not happening." While you are traveling be sure to check no travel alerts, and advisories. Many have been issued for North Dakota and Minnesota.

Traveler: "Do not go out; no don't go out if you don't have to, definitely not."

But, some drivers tried to brave the road. Traveler: "I kinda knew the weather was going to get worse, cause we checked the weather before we left Fargo this morning, so I said, let's go!" Many knew bad weather was on its way, but they didn't know it would get this bad. Traveler: "Winter driving, ya never know, they were good coming down when we came through a week or so ago, and we expected the same thing, but things have changed."

If you are on your way back from grandmothers house, take their advice. Traveler: "Just slow down." "Just be careful." "Don't go as fast as you normally do, don't do 75."

Traveler: "Or maybe wait until tomorrow." He hit the nail on the head, State patrol is urging you not to travel. "We thought we would get home before the bad weather, but we are going to stay in grand forks, we are headed to Niverville, Manitoba."

Some are making an unexpected overnight detour, so many holiday trips may have just gotten a little longer.

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