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Moorhead Church Gives Away Offering to Community

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A good deed by a Moorhead church is working to connect hearts this Christmas. The church gave away $2,500 to members of their congregation this last Sunday. That money has since multiplied by thousands as the good deeds spread from person to person.

On Monday afternoon, a fellowship sits inside Atomic Coffee in Moorhead.

"We believe in being a force of good in our community and being a people of blessing, because we've been blessed by God," Pastor Steve Krier, of Ignite Church, said to his friends. Pastor Krier started the day before, inspiring this fellowship with his words and ignited it with his actions.

"This week, at the end of our service, we said 'we're not going to take an offering. So, whatever money you brought to give today, we want you to take that to bless someone else," he explained.

Steve passed around the offering plates. This time, handing back envelopes filled with ten dollar bills to more than 250 people.

"Why not equip them and help them go out and bless other people," Krier thought.

"People seemed to receive it really well. We just, kind of, got excited not only to give, but to have the church take the first step," Sam Hedberg, a member of the church, said when he received his envelope.

Krier gave them 36 hours and a mission: offer up some good in this world.

Dan Hodgson, another member, says he had spent the upcoming days inspecting his surroundings. He was searching for opportunities to give, and came to an important realization along the way.

"The truth is," he said, "there are tremendous numbers of individuals and damaged relationships, people in lots of challenging situations, where the difference between 'you go fix it yourself' and 'I'll help' makes all the difference in the world," Hodgson said.

The movement has become more valuable than expected. Krier says some people have chosen to pool their money together and donate greater amounts. Others have been swept up in the cause and offered enough to help a person buy a car when theirs broke down. And others have been inspired to not only open their wallets, but open their homes to people in need.

"We're not doing it to get a pat on the back," Hedberg said. "We're doing it to reflect the love that Jesus showed us."

There in that Moorhead coffee house, discussing the compassion of which the world is desperately in need, Krier's ten-year-old son, Seth, took an envelope in his hands. He waited patiently in line for the barista to have a free moment. Then, he handed it across the counter with a smile.

"This is for you," Seth said.

The barista, who had never met the boy before, opened the envelope to find 50 dollars. If you had witnessed it, you'd recognize the offer and the acceptance to the fellowship.

"The scriptures say, we are to spur each other on to love and good deeds," Krier said from his table.

This is the third instance Ignite Church has chosen to return their offering. They say they do so because the people of the congregation do the work for the church.

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