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Water Damage from Fire Causes $125,000 in Damages to Fargo High Rise

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It's been a long day of clean up for people at the High Rise Apartments in downtown Fargo. Authorities believe that a small fire was started by a candle igniting a pillow and bed spread on the 15th floor. Because of that nearly 20 apartments got some form of water damage from the sprinkler system and as Valley News team's Eric Crest reports, most feel pretty fortunate it was just that.

The fire that started here Tuesday evening has been out for nearly 24 hours. But the damage and the aftermath of what a candle is capable of doing is still very apparent.

"I heard water pouring. I fell asleep on the couch and I jumped up to see what was going on in the bedroom and there was a waterfall coming from the window," say Kathy Barry a tenant at the High Rise.

"I was watching tv and I got up and noticed the water over here to about where your tripod is," adds Joe Dubbord another tenant.

But it wasn't smoke or fire that damaged nearly 20 apartments below room 1511 where the fire started. It was all the water from two sprinklers that managed to make it down to the lobby that caused such a headache.

"They had a great big red tarp on the floor in the lobby," says Dubbord.

"This whole ceiling was just water... just flying down," says another tenant Joesph Glatt.


"My tv was sitting on the floor and water was just pouring on it," adds Barry.

For Kathy Barry who just moved into her new home here four days ago, two inches of standing water was painful to look at and deal with. But surprisingly she's a glass half full kind of woman.

"I thank God the sprinkler system did go off because if it didn't it could have been a fire coming down instead of water," says Barry.

Today the Fargo Housing Authority who manages the building will instate a new rule, no more candles. Meanwhile Barry is reminding others to take care of your renters insurance as soon as possible. Because you never know what's going to happen.

"I would advise getting renters insurance. A lot of tvs and computers were ruined and there's nothing anybody is going to do about that," says Barry.

That candle caused about 125 thousand dollars in damages. Fargo Housing Authority officials tell us that the tenant responsible will have to pay the apartments insurance deductible of 5 thousand dollars.

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