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Can The Bacon Wave Cook Perfect Bacon In The Microwave

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We asked you which As Seen on TV products you were tempted to buy, then we purchased the most popular ones, and put them to the test.

It's supposed to give you perfectly cooked bacon in the microwave. I ventured to randy's diner. They serve hundreds of strips of bacon day in and day out.

Dennis Kroshus owns Randy's Diner. Dennis Kroshus- Randy's Diner Owner: "You got to slice it kind of thick, bacon is smoked so it's already pre-cooked." He says a lot of people make their bacon in the microwave. Kroshus: "It's easier for home people."

Directions on the bacon wave were a breeze. Kroshus: "Pretty simple to put in."

Dennis says everyone likes their bacon a different way. Kroshus: "Whatever the customer wants is usually what we give them." Some like the bacon almost raw. Kroshus: "We have a lot of customers that like crispy, crispy bacon." But these cooking instructions only have one option. Kroshus: "The directions called for 9 minutes." So, we waited 9 minutes. Kroshus: "I think most people would want it more done." Not quite done.

It took about 12 minutes, Dennis thinks that's way too long. Kroshus: "Like a well done steak takes about 13 minutes." So here's what it looks like. Kroshus: "Very close to being done, yes." Not quite perfect. Kroshus: "It isn't cooked quite evenly."

This product claims to be healthy, and to get rid of unwanted fat. Kroshus: "It drains off on the grill just as well as it does in this tray." The biggest test of them all is the taste test. Kroshus: "Go ahead and sample." We both agreed the bacon wave bacon tastes good. Kroshus: "But I like my bacon fried on the grill better."

You have seen it on TV, but can the bacon wave actually cook perfect bacon? This expert is giving it a C. Kroshus: "I went through five times as much labor as I normally would have rather than just pealing it off and putting it in a frying pan."

Dennis and I both agreed the bacon was good, and he says it's not a bad product. But Dennis thinks the bacon wave is not necessary to make good microwave bacon. He says you can wrap the bacon between two napkins and stick in the in the microwave. Get the same results for free. And you won't have any extra dishes to do either.

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