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NDSU Students Have Mixed Reactions about Coach Bohl Leaving

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Reaction tonight from Bison nation about the news that their football leader is leaving. Craig Bohl was supposed to be back in Fargo, Monday after flying to Laramie, Wyoming on Sunday to announce he was taking over the head coaching job at the University of Wyoming. But bad weather postponed his return and we'll have to wait until tomorrow for his weekly press conference. Meanwhile, word has spread! Check out the NDSU paper's page one story today, "Dis-bohl-ief". Today Valley News team's Eric Crest went to campus to get people's thoughts on Bohl's departure.

For the last 11 years coach Craig Bohl has been conditioning, grooming, and building NDSU's football program. So when word broke that he is leaving to coach at the University of Wyoming it surprised most.

"Seems like now we gotta start over almost," says Peter Sandland a Freshman at NDSU.

"Angry was definitely the first reaction that me and many people I know that are super fans of the Bison herd had," adds Max Koomo a Sophomore at NDSU.

"At first I didn't really believe it! I was surprised. I didn't think it was true," says Ashley Peters a Senior at NDSU.

But with 24 seniors on the team today, 13 of which are starters, one might argue that the team would have been different in 2014 anyway. For Bohl's sake, hopefully the herd keeps that in mind.

"He's led us to what's going to be three championships! But at the same time if you're leaving the dynasty, you're going to have angry people. It's the same thing as Lebron and Cleveland. Cleveland was really mad but he went to do bigger and better things," says Koomo who attempts to justify the typical reaction many had.

Better things for Bohl will include a pretty substantial raise by jumping ship. His starting pay in Wyoming will be 750 thousand dollars plus incentives. In Fargo it was at 206 thousand plus incentives.

"Are you serious? That's why he's leaving," says Jared Rust a Freshman at NDSU.

"It's a big pay difference. I'm sure that had something to do with it," says Ashley Peters a Senior at NDSU.

"I could live my life off what he was making here very well. But if someone offers you a fat paycheck it's hard to turn down. So that's part of why it's understandable," adds Koomo.

So here's to Craig Bohl and eleven years of coaching Bison Football and bringing the Bison nation to the national scene.

"It's ok for him to except the higher calling so to speak and move on and give someone else a try," says Koomo.

Coach Bohl will wrap up the season with the Bison before taking off to his next head coaching position at the University of Wyoming. The Bison play Coastal Carolina this Saturday at 11 o'clock. We also have an exclusive interview with Craig Bohl about him leaving the Herd. You can watch it on valleynewslive.com, the story is in our home page top rotator.

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