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Staying Safe In The Cold This Winter

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With another cold week ahead, subzero temperatures and wind chills will be extremely dangerous. Moorhead Firefighters remind you to layer up and stay safe in the cold weather.

Hypothermia and frostbite can set in within minutes on exposed skin. The CDC recommends the following actions if you detect symptoms of hypothermia or frostbite.

  • Get into a warm room as soon as possible.
  • Unless absolutely necessary, don't walk on frostbitten feet or toes—this increases the damage.
  • Immerse the affected area in warm—not hot—water (the temperature should be comfortable to the touch for unaffected parts of the body).
  • Or, warm the affected area using body heat. For example, the heat of an armpit can be used to warm frostbitten fingers.
  • Don't rub the frostbitten area with snow or massage it at all. This can cause more damage.
  • Don't use a heating pad, heat lamp, or the heat of a stove, fireplace, or radiator for warming. Affected areas are numb and can be easily burned.

As the cold weather continues, ice on the lakes and rivers can also be dangerous. The Minnesota DNR, advises not to step on any ice less than two inches thick and to not take any vehicles on ice less than 12 inches thick.

Moorhead Firefighters remind if you fall in the ice, work to use your elbows, arms and feet to pull yourself out. Your hands will lose their dexterity quickly and you're likely to not be able to pull yourself out of the water.

If you notice someone in the ice, don't approach. You could be pulled in or fall through as well. Simply throw a life ring or vest to the victim and call for help.  

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