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Regional Robotics Competition In Fargo

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It wasn't long ago we feared robots taking over, but now it seems more appropriate that power lies in the hands of our students who are learning to build those robots. Case in point, the Northern Plains Best Championship today at the Fargo Civic Center.

Kolan Kerr- Elmwood Local School Student: "Our robot uses a duck tape pulley." This robot is named Skippy. Kerr: "This is to move it up and down, the actual claw." These high school students came from small town Ohio to compete. Kerr: "The big shock was how cold it was."

They are part of a robotics club. Kerr: "Keeps us off the streets." You might call them the underdog. Tyler Smith- Elmwood Local School Student: "We were by far the smallest, and we are here now, so yeah I would call us the underdogs."

They only have one girl on their team. Katie Dewey- Elmwood Local School Student: "I love math, and everyone thinks I am weird because I do." But it doesn't faze her that she is the only girl. Dewey: "I really don't care if I am the only girl, that's how it's going to be my whole life, because there are not a lot of girl engineers."

You see, that's the part that makes unites this team a common goal. Dewey: "I want to be an engineer, as do my teammates." It's not all about winning it's about learning. Smith: "We just decided to have a robotics club last year." They don't get the funding many other teams at this competition do.

Kerr: "We only have two hour sessions once a week." Like most underdogs they have something to prove. Smith: "Just to show everyone back home, just because we are only a club of 8 that we can still go far." Some people call them nerds, but most people have no idea how this competition even works.

Smith: "Well you basically need a PHD to understand the rules." It's just this small gang, and their robot. Skippy trying to get some hands on experience. NDSU hosted the event. The university is recognized as one of the nation's top public and private universities by the Carnegie Commission on higher education. There were 5 teams from Fargo competing.

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