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Listening To Your Body In Cold Temperatures

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One event that won't be canceled Saturday is tailgating before the Bison game at the Fargodome. The heartiest of fans will gather in the west parking before the 2:30 kickoff.

Doctors say no matter what you're doing, the outdoors can be dangerous if you're out for too long.

"Well the colder it gets, and the windier it gets, everybody's risk for problems gets a lot greater." says Dr. Joseph Burns

If you doing anything this weekend out in the below zero temps, he and other doctors say plan ahead.

"We'll still see people walking outside with no hat, or gloves, when it's windy and cold like this some of the skin could begin to freeze within a minute." Dr. Burns adds.

That includes being prepared for tailgating. 

"The alcohol can get a flushed face, from drinking is because the blood vessels of the face get bigger for a while. You can loose more heat that way, plus the more people drink your judgement changes substantially." Dr. Burns says.

Because poor judgement might give you frost bite or hypothermia, and you'll end up in the emergency room where cheering for your team there is hard.

So whether you pack up your tailgating equipment, or venture out anywhere this weekend, follow the 3 W's:

Wicking- wear a layer that pulls moisture away from the skin. Warmth- wear an insolating fabric or layer like fleece or wool. And wind- wear some type of outer shell to protect you from the winds. 

Add a hat and mittens and that should keep you warm this sub-zero weekend.

Doctors advise if you're out this weekend, and you all of a sudden can't feel a part of exposed skin, that may mean frostbite is setting in. Go inside and warm up those exposed areas as soon as you can and avoid going back out.
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