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Auto Experts Say Weak Car Batteries Are Going To Die

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Auto part stores tell us you might wake up frustrated tomorrow. They say with the temperatures plummeting tonight is the night weak car batteries are going die. It's tough being without a car in this weather, and preparation is a must.

 Andy Christenson- O'Reilly's Auto Parts: "Friday, Saturday, even into Sunday, it's going to be a big hot ticket, as far as people trying to keep their cars running."

We rely on our cars every day, but with these cold snowy roads.

 Christenson: "It's going to pretty much kill any weak batteries that kinda limp their way through last summer." Andy Christenson has the shelves stocked to the max. Christenson: "We really expect battery sales to be picking up."

 So how are you supposed to know if your car battery is getting weak? You want to do a physical check on your battery, check the positive and negative for any corrosion, and make sure to see if you have any cracks. But, the good looks of your battery could be deceiving.


Christenson: "A visual check can indicate whether or not you need something cleaned, but it does not necessarily tell you how it is operating."


If your car starts turning over slower, that's a sign to bring it in. Christenson: "We do free battery testing whether it's on the vehicle or off the vehicle."


He says 3 out of 4 times a customer brings in a battery all it needs is a charge, and that's free also. But, if you need it replaced Andy says the bigger the better.


Christenson: "We're recommending the premium batteries because on these cold mornings you are going to need that power to get your car running."


A battery should last you about three years, but it never hurts to get it checked out. A new battery will run you anywhere from $30.00-200.00.

It also never hurts to have jumper cables in your vehicle. Auto part stores are not the only type of business heating up in this chilly weather. We talked to several cab services in the area they are getting a lot of business from people who need a lift because of car trouble, or simply don't want to walk in the cold.

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