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New Candidate Running for Minnesota Congressional District 7

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On Thursday, December 5, Minnesota state senator Torrey Westrom announced his intention to challenge Rep. Collin Peterson for his seat in Minnesota's 7th District.

Torrey Westrom, a conservative with a record of creating rural jobs and ensuring that the government operates within its means, was first elected to the Minnesota House of Representatives in 1997.

After losing his sight at the age of 14 in a farm accident, Westrom became a strong advocate for people with disabilities and eliminating barriers to help them become more independent in their living and employment opportunities.

Torrey and his wife Anna have three children and reside in Elbow Lake, Minnesota, where they own a small business. 

Westrom sat down with 6:30 Point of View host Chris Berg who asked him about his farm background, the farm bill, the F-M diversion, and if he be an effective representative while having a disability.

Below are some excerpts of the conversation that occurred on Thursday's show. You can watch the discussion in its entirety by clicking the video above.

6:30 Point of View Host Chris Berg: You have a gentleman that has 12 terms as a congressman and ranking member of the house and committee and you know Ag is very important to district 7 in Minnesota, why should the people of Minnesota district 7 give up a House Ag seat for you?

Westrom: Well, first of all the Congress is in a dysfunctional state right now and you can't send the same people back and expect change. I have a long, rich Ag background. I grew up on a dairy farm in 1985 we moved to the family farm and I have a strong agriculture background and I served on the agriculture committees in the Minnesota state legislature for several years and I was a vice-chair one term of that committee and I know how important agriculture is and in seventh congressional district and to our state and nation. So those are important issues I will continue to raise those issues and bring the experience of actually growing up on a farm and I represent those same kind of issues in the state capitol right now.

Berg:  In the valley, a big conversation obviously on the F-M Diversion project and do you support the F-M Diversion project getting fully funded?

Westrom: You know, again I'm not here as a Monday morning quarterback, it is the  first day of our announcement and campaign and this is an issue that I know is important to the Valley and people up and down the Red River and, it's one of the issues I want to meet with many people because I know there's a variety of issues and concerns. They've been waiting for progress ultimately I would be very supportive and have been in the state legislature of communities and protecting communities with diversion projects and restoration of wetland areas to hold back water. It's a combination and the diversion project is an issue that's been pushed a long time and I want to meet with many more people on that issue as I include the best way to move forward.

Berg: I'm assuming going to D.C. is a big move and there's a lot of plates you have to be spinning and people may or may not be able to tell that you are blind what do you say, when they say he can't be effective  congressman?

Westrom: Let me prove them wrong. I had people say that in 1996 and they are big supporters on my campaign. I can bring Washington D.C. a perspective no one else can bring and I will work hard and I proved that  my state legislative for the last 17 years. It's time to change Washington and we can't condition the congressional dysfunction  that is going on and I'm passionate about making that change and living within our means and taking some of the same principles I have and good stead fast as a state capitol and implement them in Washington D.C.

6:30 Point of View is an interactive and controversial opinion-oriented talk show on KXJB (Channel 4) in the Red River Valley of North Dakota and Minnesota.


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