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Tips for Slippery Walking Surfaces

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Over the next few days as we get bitterly cold, surfaces are bound to get slippery.

A simple and popular choice to keep you from slipping on slick driveways and sidewalks is ice melt.

"There's a standard ice melt or standard Rid-Ice that works down to zero degrees and then there's a super Rid-Ice that works down to twenty below," says Scheel's Lawn & Garden and Power Equipment Manager David Facey.

There's also a pet-safe version and the right way to use it.

"Ice melt should not be used on any sidewalks or driveways that are less than a year old because that cement hasn't cured properly," he says.

That can damage your concrete. A lot of people also don't know to remove ice melt after it has melted the ice.

"For it to not damage the concrete," he says.

To remove that ice and ice melt from your home sidewalks and driveways, use a proper pick or chisel. Sand is best used for traction on the ice. But sometimes in public areas, such as parking lots, you can't control ice removal. That's why it's important to know how to walk safely on the ice.

"You really need to just pay attention to your stride length and try to shorten it the best you can," says Sanford Health Physical Therapist Scott Nice.

So wear proper footwear and slow down. Experts at Sanford Health treat many sprained and fractured wrists. They say if you start to fall, try to go with the momentum and roll or try to fall on the biggest area of your body. 

"Make sure we can land on our hip surface versus an outstretched hand or something like that," he says.


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