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Thousands Were Extra Kind Today To Complete Strangers

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According to a "lab 42 research" survey almost half of people shopping on Black Friday bought something for themselves they normally would not buy. That has many people saying the holiday sprit should be one of giving, not indulging. Today many of those people are partaking in something very selfless.

16 years ago Rindy Gahnz did something nice for a stranger. It felt so good, she did it every year since. Rindy Gahnz- Event Creator: "It's about the act, and you doing it, it's not about an answer."

Gahnz: "On December 1st random acts of kindness, like a whole day dedicated to them." Now the event is gaining momentum on social media. Gahnz: "Two years ago I created this even page, and it's just blown up from there."

These random acts of kindness are carried out by thousands of people all over the country.

Riley Boerboom- Participant: "We like paid for layaways that people had left, and just left it with a penny." Two local families went to k-mart today to make someone else's day a little better. Boerboom: "I think they are going to have a smile on their face, wondering who did it."

Beazuehl Zuehl- Wolcyn Tree Farm Employee: "Well I think it's a great idea."

Employees at this local tree farm didn't know about the event, but they do know about acts of kindness. Zuehl: "People just come in and their neighbors don't have enough to buy a tree." People everywhere want to create a snowball effect. Zuehl: "Women where their husbands are oversees, churches come in, a lot of churches."

And if you didn't take part today, you are in luck. Zuehl: "Day like today should grow beyond just one day."

Gahnz: "Sit down with someone who you don't really have the time to." This is one gift that can be given on any day, and does not have to cost a dime. Zuehl: "Oh I do it every day." Because feeling this good is contagious.

Rindy says she replies to everyone on the face book event page. Even though the event is over today, you can still join and spread the kindness.

Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/#!/events/493956460627503/

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