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UPDATED: We Found The Mystery Man That Saved Van From Oncoming Train

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Updated: November 28th- 10:19pm

Tonight, on this thanksgiving a woman is able to thank her angel in person. We first told you about this story yesterday.

A woman found herself on some tracks with an oncoming train during the holiday lights parade and with a van full of kids. They were in the parade following floats when the crossing arms came down. Tonight the woman driving the van was able to meet the mystery man that stepped in to save their lives.

Imagine being stuck on the tracks of an oncoming train.

Ryan Sherbrook- Volunteer EVAC: "I had seen the train arms actually going down, ran over to see what was going on." Ryan Sherbrooke was volunteering at the holiday lights parade for EVAC. Sherbrook: "That's when I saw the van, that was stuck in the train arm, and a lot of people inside the vehicle, ran over there." The people in the van didn't know what to do. Sherbrook: "Pick the arm up, told her to reverse, and everyone got out of there, in everyone's favor."

Everyone got out okay, but the driver of the van didn't get to thank Ryan until tonight.

Nancy Soyring: - Stuck On Train Tracks: "I'm just thankful for him, it's all very emotional, like he said no one knows what really happened that night, it's just nice to get some support."  Nancy's co worker Ashley was there tonight to thank him too. Her child was in that van.

Ashley Syvertsen: "He's awesome, I'm really glad that, he fits the profile of a guardian angel, I'm really glad that we got to meet him." Ryan says he's not an angel, but he's a humble guy.

Sherbrook: "It makes you feel great, makes you feel like you are making a difference, that's why EVAC is around here, that's what we want to do, is help out the community the best we can, anyway we can." Nancy and Ashley gave him a gift basket, filled with life savers, how fitting.

Soyring: "He's a great guy, sounds like he does many nice things in the community, so it was perfect, perfect person to be in that spot. Giving thanks, a perfect way to spend thanksgiving.

These women say although they enjoy the annual parade they would like organizers to make it safer in order to avoid this situation in the future.

Original Story:

A woman reached out to us on Facebook after her co-worker found herself on the tracks of an oncoming train during the Holiday Lights Parade with a van filled with kids. They were in the parade and following floats when the crossing arms came down. Valley News Team's Regina Reese spoke to the women who are calling one mystery man an angel.

"It just happened in a flick of a light."

Nancy Soyring recalls her near death experience behind the wheel of a van with ten kids and a few adults.

"When we were crossing the train tracks the floats ahead of us stopped and at that point the lights started going on. I was just going to go forward and off to the side and then the arm came down in front of me and then I was going to back up and then the arm came down on the van," says Nancy.

Her co-worker Ashley Syvertsen saw it all on foot. A mother of one of the kids in the van, Ashley froze with fear.

"We saw the train lights coming and I was just a nervous wreck. He was actually pushed out the vehicle by one of the girls because she thought she was going to get hit," says Ashley. 

Barricaded on the tracks of an on-coming train, little did they know there was an angel in their corner.

Ashley recalls, "out of nowhere, I don't know if he was a police officer or a parade volunteer but he ran onto the tracks and lifted the arm and yelled for Nancy to reverse she reversed and the train went right by after that."

The train passing just seconds later.

Still shaken up, Nancy says, "this guy showed up it was like all of a sudden it was an angel from God that just appeared. Even one of my daughters had said this was a great Jesus moment."

A selfless act just in the nick of time, reminding these families the true measure of their Thanksgiving.

"Thank you for coming over," says Nancy.

"He's definitely an angel," says Ashley.

"You're thankful for everything after something like that," says Nancy cheerfully.

These women say although they enjoy the annual parade, they would like to see it be made safer to avoid this situation. The women are still looking for their unsung hero. If you're out there tonight, please contact Valley News Live.

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