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Does the Ice Cream Magic Actually Work?

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It's suppose to make delicious homemade ice cream in just three minutes.

Justin Turnquist- Coldstone Creamery Owner: "I'm here at Coldstone creamery where they say they offer the ultimate ice cream experience." This is Justin the owner.

Turnquist: "I like thick ice cream, and sweet ice cream." He's been making ice cream for 10 years. Turnquist: "Recipes and instructions."

We tried reading the directions, and they are not easy to follow. So I stepped in to lend a hand. Turnquist: "Cause they don't go completely full, must be the top one?"

We figured out how to use it, but what do we need? Turnquist: "Well it asks for a lot of ingredients." Nowhere on the box does it tell you what you need. Justin says it calls for more stuff than they use at Coldstone.

Step one: add ice, water, and salt. Turnquist: "I have owned this cold stone for 10 years now; this is a little more difficult." Step two: add in your flavors, then shake for three minutes. Turnquist: "Shaking this is not very fun." "This is the worst part, shaking it, kinda noisy too." It should be done. Turnquist: "Looks kinda like a root beer float, kinda runny." It's just not getting thick.

Turnquist: "Not what ice cream should look like, so looks like I get to shake some more. Round two shaking." Justin thinks it would be hard for kids. Turnquist: "Yeah they would be shaking for quite a while I assume." And after more shaking, Justin started to get frustrated. Turnquist: "it's getting thicker, but it's still kind of runny." Turnquist: "I think this would frustrated some kids too, if they have to do this for a while."

It still does not look like ice cream. Turnquist: "Still kind of runny." And how does it taste? Turnquist: "It tastes like a cup of foam." The product claims it's quick and easy.

Turnquist: "Seems like a lot of work for not a great reward." You have seen it on TV, but does the ice cream magic actually work? Turnquist: "I would give it a D to F I guess, I mean it has no ice cream, it's not solid like ice cream."

As happy as the kids look on the box, Justin knows his kids would be let down with ice cream magic. Turnquist: "An adult would have to help them the first time, I know that."

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