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Update: Residents React to Gunfire at South Fargo Trailer Court

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A situation in south Fargo got dangerous last night as three bullets were fired at a home in the Country Side Mobile Home Park. Two homes were pierced with bullets but fortunately no one was injured. But that doesn't have neighbors feeling any sense of comfort. Valley News team's Eric Crest visited with folks in that area to find out what's happening to their neighborhood.

For people living in the south Fargo neighborhood crime and even gun play has unfortunately become part of the norm. 

"I've lived in some places that were not particularly safe but I have never experienced things I've experienced here," says Adlel Bremnan a resident of the County Side Trailer Court.

"I mean it's pretty bad. There's fights and violence and drugs going through from what I hear," says another resident, Justin Luth.

"It scared me when I came home last night cause I thought what the... what is going on," says one more resident of the park, Rick Olson.

What was going on was gun shots, three quick ones.

"My husband thought they were fire crackers," says Bremnan.

Two of the bullets struck homes.

"I mean there's little kids in here too," says Olson.

Whether it was the intended target or not is unknown. But one bullet passed right through one home and into another. "These trailers ain't very thick either. I mean puff puff they can go right through," adds Olson.

Neighbors we spoke to wish all of the criminal commotion, which includes a shooting back in May would just stop. "Whether people like me or not I have to live here. I couldn't even go outside in my own neighborhood last night. I wasn't even supposed to be in my yard for awhile," says Bremnan.

"This ain't the first time... this is not the first time," adds Olson.

"When you can't afford anything else this is the best you can have. I own what I own," says Luth.

But until it does slow down, the people of the south Fargo neighborhood are going to do what they always have and let neighbors know they're looking out for them and hope others will do the same.

"I think if they see something they should not be afraid to talk to each other or call the police," says Bremnan.

"We can't have shootings going on! It sounds like Chicago or something," says Olson.

Police don't know if whoever fired the three rounds at that home was on foot or in a car. They tell us at this point there isn't a lot of information to go on. If you have any details that could help them solve this crime please contact the Fargo Police.

Original Story

Fargo Police are investigating after neighbors heard several gunshots on Tuesday night in the area of 8th Avenue and 23rd Street South -- that's the Countryside Trailer Park neighborhood in Fargo. 
Officers found that shots had been fired into a number of homes, but no one inside was hurt.
The area had been blocked off during the investigation, but officers cleared the scene early Wednesday morning.
Police also tell Valley News Live that officers later scrambled to a number of city parks after hearing a big fight might be starting -- possibly in retaliation for the shootings -- but police did not find any trouble.

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