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Community Grieving After Young Fargo Woman's Murder

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A whole community is grieving the loss of a Moorhead man and a Fargo woman tonight. Yesterday police found two people dead outside an apartment in Fargo. They arrested David George Stevens at the scene. He is now in jail facing intentional murder charges.

Before police officially released the names of these people, we sat down with one man. Whose heart is full of love for one of those lost. He is just one of the many people missing Sam Wickenheiser.

John Kroll- Sam's Friend: "And the last thing I get to wake up to is getting told she loves me, knowing that I will never get to see her face, anything ever again." John Kroll woke up Saturday morning knowing something was wrong with his recent girlfriend Sam Wickenheiser.

Kroll: "I was here with my two children, sleeping through all of this, I woke up because I felt something in my stomach." After a disagreement on Friday night, they went separate ways. Kroll: "Woke up to a text saying if you want to talk in the morning, whatever, text me get a hold of me, we will sit down and talk."

Imagine pulling up to a crime scene looking for the woman you love, but finding police tape instead. Kroll: "I guess I can't say you guys can experience the feeling, or the guilt or the hurt, and that's the hardest part for me." Now he has lost his faith in the justice system. Kroll: "I don't think they wanted to get involved." He says Sam didn't get the help she was desperately trying to find. Kroll: "Her landlord, maintenance man, police officers, county workers, each and every one of them told her they couldn't do a thing."

He says she had a history with Stevens, and filed for a protection order against him. Kroll: "She had filed one, knowing that until he was caught or detained he wouldn't be any good, so if he violated this order of protection it was no good until it was served." Kroll: "I'm just trying to seek justice." Justice for Sam, and for her family he has never met. Kroll: "My sympathy goes out to them, I greatly appreciate the time I did get to spend with their daughter, because she is a wonderful person." David Stevens is in jail tonight, and he has a criminal history.

There were two active warrants out for him at the time he was arrested. He owes almost $4,000.00 in child support. He did plead guilty to drunken driving with a revoked or suspended license. According to court documents he did serve some time in jail for a terrorizing charge.

We don't have the name of the Moorhead man that was killed, but they believe all knew each other. Sam and Stevens have two small children together. 

Sam's funeral will be at living waters Lutheran church in Fargo. Visitation is on Tuesday at 6 p.m. The funeral is on Wednesday at 2 p.m.

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