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West Fargo School District Reaches Decision For Future of Coach Jonas

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Jim Jonas has been removed from coaching West Fargo High School football and basketball indefinitely.

Today Valley News Live was able to answer some of the questions surrounding the event that has gripped the school for the past few weeks.

We were first to obtain the three new documents placed in Jonas' personnel file today after the official decision by the district.

The file contained a three-page letter to Jonas. It describes the Nov. 8 meeting between Jonas, Activities Director Curt Jones and Principal Jennifer Fremstad in which Jonas was presented with the letter asking him to resign. It says he crumpled the letter, threw it to the ground and walked out of the meeting. This document goes on to describe the many complaints over the years about conduct in the classroom and the field, including shouting, swearing and making degrading comments. It also says Jonas' resignation was not due to one recent act in particular, but the "long pattern of behaviors well documented...simply put, enough is enough."

Jonas wrote a letter in response and says that he was unprepared to receive the letter. He says there were no indications of problems in his recent coaching evaluations. Jonas describes receiving the letter and says, "Coaching is my life's work, and in that moment, I was devastated."

The third new document is a transcription of the video that played for the West Fargo High School student body the morning of Nov. 22. 

Students tell us they were glued to the television as they heard Jonas speak on his future with the district for the first time.

According to the district, Jonas has been resigned indefinitely as a basketball and football coach with no timeline as to whether or not he will return to those positions.

Students, nonetheless, feel they've had a hand in turning a potentially permanent resignation into an indefinite one.

"How many times do you hear about a student population rebelling against their administration or their school district and actually being listened to," says Student Bailey Hurley.

Jonas will remain a teacher at West Fargo High School and the district has instructed that by meeting certain improvement criteria, he will still be able to coach track and field.



Breaking news: West Fargo teacher and coach Jim Jonas has reportedly reached an agreement with the school district. The West Fargo school district tells Valley News Live that a deal is done.

Jonas will be suspended from coachingFootball indefinitely, but may be allowed to coach again some time in the future.

A meeting was held Thursday night to discuss the situation with Jonas, and that is allegedly where the compromise was made.

The West Fargo School District says they will release details on Friday. Valley news team's Melanie Moore is on the story and we will have more details of this agreement as they become available.

Valley News Live first reported the story on Friday, November 15, after several people called asking our team to investigate. A Facebook group called "Justice for Jonas" has been gaining support since the news surfaced last week.

Jim Jonas has been an assistant coach at the school for more than 20 years, he also teaches social studies

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