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Local Law Enforcement Using Mini Cameras

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Anything you say or do can or will be used against you in a court of law. This statement is becoming more of a reality thanks to modern technology. Be careful, those things you say and do can be caught on video.

There is a tool some local law enforcement are using that might catch you off guard and get you into trouble with law.

Imagine getting pulled over. In today's world, that entire encounter is likely being recorded.

Police Chief Jimmy Macon- Hawley: "People call them button cam, or pocket cam, or you can call them a body cam."

Hawley police officers are using these little cameras that blend into their uniforms. Take a look at this demonstration.

Macon: "We don't normally broadcast, yeah I got a camera on me, so you know you are being recorded, no they don't normally say that." But they are not necessarily trying to hide them.

Macon: "A lot of the time we do get accusations against the officers." They use it to back up their story. Macon: "They have saved officers careers before too"

And the owner at the spy shop in Fargo says, these cameras are getting cheaper and more user friendly that anyone could have one at any time.

Don Fischer- The Spy Shop Owner: "They come pretty tiny." Don says it's not just the police who carry these cameras.

Fischer: "I also get people that buy these dash cameras and these small cameras for their own vehicles so if they do get pulled over by the police then they have their own proof also."  And police chief Macon agrees. They are for everyone's benefit. Macon: "Protect the officer as well at the citizen, like I said we are trying to do both."

No matter who you are, watch what you say, and do. Macon: "Cause they always say a picture is worth a thousand words."

We do know that campus police at UND use the button cams. We checked with Fargo and Moorhead police, they do not. However, many in law enforcement have dash board cameras in patrol cars. And in some cases, police have cameras mounted on the tasers that they may have to use.

As for prices, they can range from $100.00 to $300.00.

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