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Advice For Parents With Wandering Kids

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A scary situation for a North Fargo couple during the night when they woke and their 4 year old girl was missing.

Luckily she was found, and police say they don't blame the parents because kids are sometimes unpredictable.

So Valley news team's Kristi Larson helps parents by telling them how to try and prevent kids from leaving during the night.

Alarms, locks and protectors. All these things could be used to help keep children safe in homes. But before installing all these devices parents are advised to keep an eye on their kids.

"Check on their children periodically see when they get up and go to the bathroom, or go and get water or what have you," Rick Van Camp the Supervisor for Cass County Social Services, "just to make sure the children are there and somebody is checking on them."

Rick also says if your child getting up in the night is a trending problem, then some things may need to be installed.

"There are some covers for the doors, devices for the doors that may restrict a child from getting out. Um they could also look at slide locks, or I hook latches." Rick says.

Even something as easy as jingle bells are a perfect door alarm, and at this time of the year they're easy to find. But some of the devices may also be a danger to the child.

"Putting these on a door, may restrict the child getting out if there was an emergency. But when your talking about a situation when there may be a chronic situation of a child getting out might out-weigh putting this on the door in the first place." Rick says.

That's why he advises parents to seek professional help, or to talk with their kids if it's becoming a problem.

"The more repetition the more often you talk to them and discourage them doing that, removing them from that area the better it's going to be." Rick advises.

Because keeping them at home and safe should be a parents main concern.

Many of the products can be found in stores for under $15. Others, like motion sensors, are more expensive and would need to be ordered online.

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