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Some Disappointed with PS4 Launch

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It was a highly-anticipated launch, not even a full day into it and the Play Station 4 is already trending on twitter with the hashtag #brokenPS4.

Stores around the country opened up at midnight last night as customers rushed to get their hands on one. Valley News Team's Hope Hanselman shows us how far some die-hard fans went to get the console and the problems they didn't anticipate.

Gaming fans have been waiting for this day since February, when Sony executives first revealed a new console.

"I'm on energy drinks, I'm on like my fifth wall," Nathan Lampl, Best Buy Gaming Expert, said after a long shift. "But, it's the customers that keep me going."

The day that began yesterday afternoon, when Nathan began prep work on the midnight rush.

"It was such a long pre-order line that it was just phenomenal," he said.

The PS4 was so highly coveted, lines stretched around the corner and all the consoles flew off the shelves.

"I went to best buy and stood in line from 5:30 until when they let us in," Greg Douvier, a proud owner of a brand new console, said of his six-hour wait. Greg had no promise of walking away with his own... or a working one.

"It took me a while to hook up to the Internet. I go the update, but I have yet to be able to sign into the play station network," he said. "There have been tweets, play station support has been cluttered with that. So, I'm just glad I'm not the only one."

Sony is reporting issues in every 400,000 per million consoles shipped out. Gaming reviews show some HDMI outputs don't fit and some consoles don't even turn on.

"It doesn't really surprise me because first generation consoles always have some kind of issue," Greg said.

Over the past 24 hours of fun for these gamers, most agree there will be better days ahead.

Sony release a statement on the broken Ps4s saying: "this is within our expectations for a new production introduction, and the vast majority of PS4 feedback has been overwhelmingly positive."

Meanwhile, if you're awaiting the Xbox One launch next Thursday, expect a similar reaction.

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