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UPDATE: Money Missing From Detroit Lakes Bank Accounts

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Bremer Bank in Detroit Lakes is one of many banking institutions hit by a hacker.

"A few days ago our fraud department in Bremer, which always monitors accounts for suspicious activity did detect Fraud," says Detroit Lakes Bremer Bank President Ron Mueller.

Since then, documented fraudulent withdrawals have hit more than 40 Detroit Lakes residents and counting.

"With the phone calls coming in we anticipate that to be a higher number even by the end of the day," says Detroit Lakes Police Chief Timothy Eggebraaten.

"I was just coming from hunting and received a phone call from a fraud protection agency saying that my debit card numbers had been compromised. They had me verify information and so forth and then I came in to verify it here physically at the bank," says Bremer Bank Customer Randy Wurst.

Wurst learned of the fraudulent activity in his account on Monday and since, has found that in common with many others in the community.

"Just the people I met in passing and the people I work with, there's got to be 50 people that I know of," he says.

All of those affected with one desire.

"I'm hoping I get my money back really quick. There's a lot of other people that work really hard for that, so I just hope however they do it, they resolve it quickly," he says.

But not all is lost. Bremer Bank has been at work to right the accounts.

"We immediately close those cards and then we call our impacted customers with either a phone call or a letter. The next priority we want to do is make sure our customers are whole. We're in the process of getting that cash back into their accounts," says Mueller.

Both the Detroit Lakes Police Department and the local banks are working in partnership with local and federal agencies to find out who is behind this.

"Right now it's just coming in so fast. We're still in very early stages of the investigation," says Eggebraaten.

Police will continue the investigation next week in an effort to find the common denominator between all the affected accounts. In the meantime, they would like to remind everyone to alert your local bank and police department of any suspicious activity.



The Detroit Lakes Police Department has more information about a large hacking crime at a bank in town. They are actively investigating "numerous illegal credit card and debit card transactions." People in the area tell us some of the issues are coming from a Bremer Bank branch in Detroit Lakes.

Police Chief Tim Eggebraaten says they have received approximately 35-40 calls from victims who have had their accounts compromised. The police department is asking people to take a look at their accounts, both credit cards and bank debit cards, and look for any unauthorized transactions. Contact the bank or credit card company immediately if you notice anything suspicious, then call your local police department.

Detroit Lakes police are working with other law enforcement agencies and with the fraud departments from other affected banks and credit card companies to gather more information on the crimes.

Give the Detroit Lakes police a call if you have information about suspicious transactions: 218-847-4222.

Bremer Bank has also released a response to the recent crimes and reads as follows:

"As always, our number one priority is the security of our client's accounts We can assure clients that their funds are safe and secure at Bremer.

Bremer constantly monitors client's accounts for irregular or unusual activity to proactively identify potential fraud. We've invested in tools and resources to help us and our clients protect their personal data. We also have a team dedicated to monitoring client transactions and identifying/reacting to suspicious activity and act immediately to protect clients.

Bremer was made aware of this fraud and attempted to reach all impacted clients. All impacted clients will be made financially whole. This fraudulent activity has impacted other financial institutions and is not isolated to Bremer Bank.

Clients with questions should contact Bremer's Phone Bank at 800-908-2265.  If fraudulent activity is found, clients should file a police report with their local police department.

We suggest clients monitor the transaction activity on their bank accounts.  We encourage clients to use online banking for regular checking account monitoring. At the very least, check their bank statements as soon as they become available for any suspicious activity and immediately report any unauthorized transactions to your bank or financial institution.

It is always recommended that clients stay alert to phone calls, letters, and email messages from persons you do not know or who are asking for bank, credit card or personal account information. Remember – do not provide personal information like your social security number or account number over the phone. A bank will not call you and ask you for personal information."

               Susan Beatty, APR

               Public Relations & Social Media Manager

ORIGINAL STORY (Thursday, Nov. 14)

At least a couple dozen people are scrambling for details after finding money missing from bank accounts. We spoke with the Becker County Sheriff's office and he told us more than 20 people have filed reports for fraudulent charges on either their credit or debit card in the Detroit Lakes Area.

The sheriff is urging everyone to check their own accounts, and if you see something wrong or suspicious, call your bank, and local law enforcement.

I spoke with one Detroit Lakes woman that has an account with Br ember Bank in DL.

She says the fraud department called her today, telling her she'd been hacked. Her account shows charges from Texas were coming on to her account to the point where there was nothing left.

And we are hearing similar stories on our Facebook page. One woman said there are charges on her account from Walmart in Texas, and this man comments. "My personal info leaked somehow."

Everyone should be checking their own accounts regardless of where you are. The people we have spoken to are banking with Bremer, but the sheriff did not nail it down to one bank.

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