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Can Wipe New Restore Your Car To Showroom Shine?

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We asked you which "As Seen on TV Products" you were itching to try. We then bought the most popular items to see if they are money well spent or buyer beware.

It's supposed to restore your car to showroom shine. We're taking this As Seen On TV product for a test drive. I'm here at valley reconditioning where they specialize in detailing. Meet Mike Manske he's been doing this for 7 years.

Mike Manske- Valley Reconditioning Employee: "I've seen a lot of stuff that does work, and a lot of stuff that doesn't work." We are trying to make this jeep look good as new.

Manske: "Pretty standard, pour on the yellow cloth and wipe it on, in nice even coats is about all it said." As promised, simple to use and apply. Manske: "Pretty easy to do at home." But, pay close attention to where you wipe it. Manske: "It's not good to get on your paint." You can only put it on plastic. Manske : "You can see a definite difference there."

Wipe New should work on head lights too. Manske: "Little fading like this here, they are suppose to be clear, more clear like this, rather than the fading like this." The website says it's enough for two cars, but not so fast. Manske: "Used up almost the entire bottle, a little bit left."

Then, as instructed, we let it soak in for 24 hours. Wipe new guarantee it lasts years. In the commercial they show the car lasting through 100 car washes. We're taking the car in this car wash, ten times. To see if the new shine on this jeep will wash away.

Manske: "It looked like it made it through the ten washes we put it through, which is also a surprise, usually it wears off." This is the car before, and this is the car after.

Manske: "Surprisingly I think it actually worked pretty well." But, not everywhere, take a look at these headlights. Manske: "I don't really see any difference, I don't think I would buy it for the headlight aspect."

$19.99 is a little more than similar products out there. Manske: "They could give you a little bit more for the price." The car looks squeaky clean, but what does the expert have to say? Manske: "I'd give it a B, just cause of how little it gives you."

Again, you cannot use this product on paint. It's only to be used on plastic parts. There are select cars that do have a lot plastic. But for most people's vehicles you can only apply wipe new on the grill, side mirrors, or head lights.

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