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Affordable Health Care Frustration Heard Around The Country

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Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota is using these letters to notify tens of thousands of people they're about to lose their existing health insurance policy because of Obamacare. The frustration heard around the country, as complications finding affordable health care grow more concerning.

Connie Norheim- Losing Insurance Policy: "I got a letter from blue cross that I would have to be making some decisions." Connie Norheim is one of the 35,000 people in North Dakota being forced to get a new insurance plan. Luther Stueland- Director of Health Policy Impact: "They can transition to a plan that's qualified through the affordable care act, or they can go shop for other products." Norheim has made up her mind. Norheim: "I am really excited about getting an affordable policy." It would save her a lot of money. Norheim: "518 is a lot to try and come up with every month."

But the problem is, she can't sign up for it. Norheim: "It's such a struggle, every time I sign on it reaches a glitch, it won't let me on." Every day since October 1st Norheim pays a visit to healthcare.Gov to sign up. Norheim: "I want on it, January 1st."

She has tried calling, emailing, visiting a local agency, but her troubles are mirrored around the country. The national health care site is what's standing between people like Connie and affordable care. Norheim: "As long as you have to go through the Healthcare.gov the only thing to fix it, is to fix healthcare.gov."

The affordable health care act takes effect January 1st. Stueland: "We're going to give them plenty of time, we're required under state law to give at least 90 days notice of discontinuation of a product, but actually we're actually trying to beat that." But Norheim feels like she is fighting the clock. Norheim: "I know better than to go without insurance."

As of November 1st  30 people in North Dakota have enrolled. Norheim: "There's 35,000 of us trying to get insurance, those numbers don't reflect at all what's going on."

Connie Norheim has made up her mind, not to give up on finding affordable health care.  She just hopes Heathcare.gov is fixed before time runs out. The affordable care act takes effect on January 1st, that's when coverage begins. But it varies from person to person when your current health insurance expires by that date.

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