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Area Schools Fighting Lice

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A growing lice problem has school districts scurrying to stop the spread. Valley City, Oakes, and Lamoure schools are all dealing with confirmed cases. Going as far as bagging up classroom items like stuffed animals and blankets to kill the pests.

Tanishia Caldwell: Mother- "It's a big deal, it's got to be a big deal, it's all over town." Classes at Jefferson Elementary in Valley City were a bit smaller Thursday, but teachers still had an extra task at hand. Paula Thompson- Barnes County Health Nurse: "It's so much, it is a lot of work." Some students had to stay at home, after lice was spotted living in their hair.

Thompson: "20 right now seems like a lot right now." Because there's a lot of work that goes into getting rid of those little pesky bugs. Thompson: "They will stay there for as long as they can."

Tanishia Caldwell has a little girl in kindergarten. Caldwell: "I am kinda scared, cause my kids have never had it before." So she decided to pick her child up today, instead of having her ride the bus. Caldwell: "I don't want to keep her out of school." If you are scratching your head thinking where did they come from, you should know, it's not poor hygiene they're attracted to. Thompson: "They like to get into nice clean healthy warm heads."

It's common at school because the crawling bugs are highly contagious. Thompson: "Kids tend to share things that they shouldn't share" To get rid of them, some people may prefer natural treatments, like peanut butter or olive oil. But, experts say medicated shampoos are the best bet if your child is over two years old. Thompson: "My recommendation is to use something at your local pharmacy."

And once your child gets the all clear, they can get back to the books, and to get that all clear it depends on the rules of your school. Some students may need to pay a visit to the school nurse to be checked out. And others might be making a trip to the health department.

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