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Keillor In Competition With Deer Hunting At Bemidji

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  Garrison Keillor, the host of the radio show, "A Prairie Home Companion" is scheduled to take the stage at the Chief theater in downtown Bemidji on Saturday.

Garrison Keillor, Prairie Home Companion: "It's been a quiet week at Lake Wobegon, Minnesota, my home town…."

  However, what Minnesota's master story teller, Mr. Garrison Keillor did not take into account is that this weekend is the deer hunting opener.

  Theater organizers say they had a tough time getting a stage crew to operate lights and such, because most people are going deer hunting.

Natalie Woods Grosfield, Chief Theater: "All of our men around here and boys and women are anxious to get into the woods and get that big buck."

Reporter: "You finally found other folks?"

Grosfield: "We did. We found guys who were willing to put aside that all important hunt and help us with Garrison and Prairie Home."

   Grosfield says they also encountered a second obstacle… finding a deer hunter for Keillor to interview during Saturday's show.

Grosfield: "I think it was proving to be a little difficult, because as I said, they all want to be in the woods."

Reporter: "Did you find anyone?"

Grosfield: "Actually, I believe they did find someone. It took a little doing though."

  So, the show will go on… but Keillor may think twice about scheduling another one around our region, at the same time as the deer hunting opener.

  Tickets for Keillor's Bemidji appearance are sold out. But, you can still catch Saturday's show on public radio, even if you're deer hunting.

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