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Will the Cat's Meow Drive Your Cat Wild?

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We asked you which "As Seen on TV" products are tempting you to reach for your wallet. We Then purchased the most popular items, to see if they are money well spent, or buyer beware. The first one we are putting to the test is The Cat's Meow.

It's supposed to resemble a cat and mouse game, that sends your furry friend on a chase. But, how will your cat react? I'm here at the humane society, and inside there are plenty of cat's to play with.

This is Heather, an "expert" at feline playtime.

Heather Clyde- Shelter Manager: "We're testing out the cat's meow today." The box includes, the base, the cover, the wand, and the cap. Clyde: "That was really simple to put together." Set up didn't require much energy. The cat's meow claims your cat's won't be able to resist it.

Clyde: "You guys want to come out and see this?" First the kittens wanted to take a stab at it. "I think they are kinda freaked out, at first because it is kinda fast at first, and the sound it makes, but now that they realize it's not going to hurt them. Well one of three kitten's what really exited about it, one kitten didn't want anything to do with it, and pumpkin is like eh it's okay."

The next judge, an adult cat. "Brusier what do you think?" He's known for his playfulness. Clyde: "It definitely has his attention, but he's not playing with it like the kittens were." He's just not taking the bait. Clyde: "Not interested, I'm surprised."

Some liked it, and some could care less. Clyde: "Which if you are getting this to wear your active cat out, it's not going to do him much good."  We found that the cat's meow was not pleasing to the ears. Clyde: "Which might sound like a mouse, but to a person it might get annoying over time."

But after 15 minutes of play time, the noise went from annoying to concerning.

Clyde: "Cause it's already getting slower now, and it keeps making that wherley noise, and I'm not sure if it's the battery or if part of the motor is already wearing out." The cat's meow then took a long pause. Clyde: "I don't know that I would play 20 dollars for this." Eventually it did turn back on.

Clyde: "I think there are cheaper more entertaining things you could find at home that would keep them just as entertained."  But, Heather has another concern. Clyde: "If they are really active players and they really get into this, they are going to destroy it over time, it does not really look durable." So, she recommends a toilet paper roll with treats inside, or a strip of fabric on a stick. Clyde: "Buying them a fancy toy does not mean they are going to play with it more than anything else."

You have seen it on TV, but does the cat's meow actually work? This expert is giving it a grade. Clyde: "Probably a c, if the cat's likes this kind of movement, that's great, but the cat's here doesn't seem all that thrilled."

This sure could be your cat's favorite time of the day for $19.99, but others might prefer a free piece of string.

This is the base of the toy, and one potential problem is that it takes 3 C batteries, and through the 20 minute playtime we had they have already started to wear out. Now, this could get expensive. Next Wednesday we are testing out Wipe New; which claims to restore your car to its showroom shine.

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